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Senate Seat Requirements


Four years (OH Const Art.II, § 2)

Residency Requirement

Must be a resident of the district, have resided in the district for one year immediately preceding the election and be a registered elector (OH Const Art II, § 3., OH Const Art XV, § 4, R.C. 3.15)

Filing Deadline

By 4 p.m. of the 90th day before the primary election for party candidates or one day before the primary election for independent candidates (R.C. 3513.05, 3513.257)

Filing Fee

$85 (R.C. 3513.10(A)(B))


Form Numbers #2-F for party candidates / #3-G for independent candidates

Filed With Board of elections of the most populous county within the district. (R.C. 3513.05, 3513.257)

Signature Requirements (R.C. 3513.05,3513.257)

1. Major party candidate: 50 signatures
2. Intermediate or minor party candidate: 25 signatures
3. Independent candidates: Based on the number of votes cast in the district in the last general election for governor. Fewer than 5,000 votes cast: 25 signatures or .5% of the number of votes cast (whichever is less) or 5,000 or more votes cast: 1% of the votes cast