House Bills 
 H. B. No. 2Regards broadband expansionDownload 
 H. B. No. 6Modify laws governing certain professions due to COVID-19Download 
 H. B. No. 7Revise Probate Law, Guardianship Law, and Ohio Trust CodeDownload 
 H. B. No. 8Revise electronic recording of custodial interrogationsDownload 
 H. B. No. 67Seek waiver from federal testing requirementsDownload 
 H. B. No. 74Enact FY 2022-2023 transportation budgetDownload 
 H. B. No. 76Enact FY2022-2023 Industrial Commission budgetDownload 
 H. B. No. 87Exempt certain utility supply contracts from 10-year maximumDownload 
 H. B. No. 128Revise electric utility service law; repeal portions of HB 6Download 
 H. B. No. 133Regards commerce and property tax valuation complaintsDownload 
 H. B. No. 167Provide rent and utility assistanceDownload 
 H. B. No. 170Provide assistance to schools and other entitiesDownload 
 Senate Bills 
 S. B. No. 2Regards criminal case competency and enters Ohio into PSYPACTDownload 
 S. B. No. 4Exempt personal info of certain persons from public records lawDownload 
 S. B. No. 5Enter into Physical Therapy Licensure CompactDownload 
 S. B. No. 7Enter into Occupational Therapy Licensure CompactDownload 
 S. B. No. 13Regards certain statutes of limitation and reposeDownload 
 S. B. No. 18Incorporates federal IRS changesDownload 
 S. B. No. 21Regards emergency medical services and stroke patient protocolsDownload 
 S. B. No. 22Establish legislative oversight over Governor's and health ordersDownload 
 S. B. No. 27Authorize Deferred Comp auto enrollment / state employeesDownload 
 S. B. No. 28Authorizes the use of owls in the sport of falconryDownload 
 S. B. No. 30Designate Ohio Overdose Awareness DayDownload 
 S. B. No. 42Designate Ohio Diabetes Awareness-Heart Connection WeekDownload 
 S. B. No. 57Exempt certain housing from property taxationDownload 
 S. B. No. 108Provide grants to bars, restaurants and the lodging industryDownload 
 S. B. No. 109Provide grants to businesses, fairs, child care, veterans homesDownload 
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